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Cloud-based file hosting is simply having an internet that protects data and documents for you and other professional people to ensure it is secure and can be acquired whenever and wherever. File hosting can help you whenever you want to have online storage that is secured for all of your files and documents. Uptobox will be the perfect file hosting service for you if you need a large storage space for your files.

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What is Uptobox?

Uptobox is an actual file hosting provider or an online file storage provider. It is an internet hosting service designed specifically for users. It allows users to upload files that can be accessed whenever they want on the internet. With Uptobox, you do not have to worry about forgetting your folders or flash drives because you can easily open your files with it.

With just one click, you can open your files without difficulty. Subscribing to this file hosting provider can make you achieve two things by performing a single action because besides having Uptobox, they also have file sharing service. But first, let’s find out the differences between file sharing and file hosting.

  • File-Sharing – It is the ability to transfer files from one device to a different device over the Internet or other network.
  • File Hosting – A file hosting service or an online file storage provider is an internet hosting service particularly intended to host user files. Users can access their data and files when they upload it via the internet.

Is Uptobox Premium reliable for a subscription?

Uptobox Premium enables you to upgrade all the tools and services of the file hosting system. Even having a free Uptobox account, it is just fun to use all the advanced tools. As the validity of each account is, Uptobox Premium lets you further control your subscription by giving the most reliable package contract depending on the days of account usage you choose. They are making your life easier by offering their service so, why don’t you just make the subscription more manageable and also more affordable, right isn’t it?

SUBSCRIPTION VALIDITY30 days1 year2 years5 years
UPTOBOX  PRICE$5.42$27.11$48.79$148.1

Uptobox Features & Overview

Files High AvailabilityNot AvailableNot Available  Available 
Direct DownloadNot Available Not AvailableAvailable 
There is no waiting period before downloadingNot Available Not AvailableAvailable 
Encrypted downloads (SSL)Not AvailableNot AvailableAvailable 
Downloads – Accelerator SupportAvailable Available Available  
No AdvertisementNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailable  
Remote URL uploadNot AvailableAvailable Available  
Upload with FTP clientNot AvailableNot AvailableAvailable 
Password in your download linksNot AvailableAvailable Available 
When is the deletion of your files?30 days after the last download90 days after the last downloadNever
Download speedVery limitedLimitedMaximum
Maximum upload file size1 GB200 GB200 GB
Storage capacityNot Available1 TBUnlimited

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  • Resume Downloads  – Yes
  • HD Videos – Yes
  • Encoding Priority – No
  • Unmetered Watch time – No
  • No Advertisement – No


  • Resume Downloads  – Yes
  • HD Videos – Yes
  • Encoding Priority – No
  • Unmetered Watch time – No
  • No Advertisement – No


  • Resume Downloads  – Yes
  • HD Videos – Yes
  • Encoding Priority – Yes
  • Unmetered Watch time – Yes
  • No Advertisement – Yes

Why should Uptobox Premium be used?

Currently, people want a fast and easy way to transmit or transfer files and are available to everyone. If you desire to have personal storage that you can get accessed easily, Uptobox is just the best for you. You can effortlessly improve your account to Uptobox premium, in case you need more storage. Uptobox Premium lets you enhance all the tools of the file-hosting service. If you want to access private data from different workstations and do not like to hold anywhere a Flash Drive or Portfolio, the Uptobox Premium Account is a great way to accomplish this. Uptobox can help you whenever you need to transfer a file that is too heavy for mail. 

Uptobox offers recommendations for you if you want a safe and secure use of remote locations for off-site resources. The Uptobox premium account is the perfect fit for your online storage needs. You can easily use the uptobox premium because the best part here is that there are no ads and unwanted clicks that take you to an anonymous page. 

Uptobox Reliability and Privacy Guidelines

Not only that it is highly suggested and recorded on the most protected web to use on the Net, but it also gained a higher than 90% trust rating from other scam counsel webpages. This feat is a big success for file hosting providers because most people do not interact with low trust providers. The outstanding team under Uptobox has taken much reliability and Privacy steps to ensure that every process is protecting every data and record.   

Uptobox is aware that under the certification method, users will be asking for required and necessary and private data. They already know the value of privacy and thus do not allow the sharing of private user data with any other third parties or any other websites. If there are situations where users doubt their account is being hacked or accessed by other third parties, it is sufficient to submit a report to the Uptobox Administration. Giving your statement can help the administration to start to examine and review the situation and take necessary action to guarantee that your private account will be safe.

The administration of Uptobox ensures the privacy of their users, just like other file hosting services that protect their users and guarantee protective measures to all. Uptobox keeps its users away from other bad people that the only desire is to commit illegal acts while using the service. All users should be aware that Uptobox has the power to make hotlinking ineffective on accounts that create bandwidth or otherwise take advantage of system benefits. Hotlinking is the act of stealing someone’s bandwidth. This is the work in which a website places a link to an image or a file that directly links to another website. As long as Uptobox knows of such injustice and acts of abuse, they will not stop having a solution for exploitation. They will make a guarantee to get an immediate response to enforce system integrity. 

Uptobox is not responsible for your documents, photos or videos, or any lost important business simply because of inaccessibility or scarcity of the website. When the examination is to be carried out, Uptobox is bound to work with all appropriate authorities.

Other safety guides that users should be aware of:

  • Pornography, nudity, sexual images, and certain other types of nude videos or photos are not allowed. We reserve the power to select an appropriate file and may eliminate videos or pictures at any time without communicating with the user.
  • Copyrighted material is also strictly prohibited, and Uptobox does not allow these files.
  • Downloading from multiple places at the same time is not okay. Uptobox does not allow that, nor does it allow users to share accounts.
  • Uptobox has a cold storage space where only files and documents are stored. It is forbidden to download from here. Users can have unlimited storage space for hot storage.
  • The use of some servers is banned if users retrieve all files throughout the day or generate massive traffic for the website.
  • The use of third-party add-ons for Upstream is banned. Uptobox premium users are given the opportunity to use Upstream but they should not waste such assets. Every data and document will be removed if users do not comply. Users are each assigned a specific player from Uptobox.
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Payment methods

Payment Methods

Finding out where you can pay if you want to use Uptobox is one of the essential details you should know. You need to know what payment is available. They seem to offer a small number of payment options, but they guarantee that they are all large payment systems. The choices they allow to be using in the form of payment are VISA MasterCard (Debit/Credit Card), PayPal (Online Payment Solutions), Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies, Dedipass (Payment through SMS Audiotel).

Subscribers should keep in mind that all premium advantages are immediately credited to their accounts after they have completed the payment. Users will see when their subscription will end. It is shown on the payment page. It is best for the user to remember this if he only subscribed to the 1-month subscription.


Uptobox invites advertisers who want to expand their advertisements on their pages to join their web. The following are the other details for advertising on uptobox.

  • Delivery modes accepted are CPM (cost per thousand) and CPC (cost per click).
  • The banner measures available are 300 x 250 and 728 x 90.
  • For a customized offer (zone, format, volume), we recommend you to contact us.

Users Reviews

“I give Uptobox 5 stars! Although I do not have the greatest experience of all time, in general, I highly recommend the file hosting service to my friends and co-workers.” – Olivia R.

“This is my Uptobox anniversary! I have completed the 365-day subscription and now I am close to achieving their 5-year subscription which I think is the most suitable option for my important files, private and for work ideas. I always receive immediate help from their customer service and this is what I like about them. I totally believe in the premium support they say about. Great!” – Will G.

“I am a guest who spends very little time now and now, I choose to take advantage of premium membership. This is really cool and the maximum file upload size is just powerful! I always give them 5 stars!” – Mary F.

“I bought uptobox premium voucher 365 days at buypremiumkey(dot)com reseller. I am very happy with this file host. The download speed is very high. Great.“ – Kevin S.

“Great host. I have been using it for years. Thumbs up for the Uptobox team!“ – Linda F.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What is Uptobox?

Uptobox is a file hosting service. They provide online storage or reserve space for you, and they also offer advance upload and download mechanisms. With Uptobox Trial, you can host data, photos, movies, sounds, and presentations in one place.

Why do I need to use Uptobox?

Uptobox is reliable. No matter when you have to transfer a file that is too big for electronic mail, Uptobox can help you with it. Uptobox offers answers for you if you want to secure storage space for external backups. If you just want to get your private data from different computers and do not want to have around a USB, then Uptobox is an accurate way of achieving it for you.

What sort of portfolios can be uploaded?

All sorts of files and documents can be uploaded but just keep in mind that there are limitations. There are only restrictions when it comes to nudity, pornography, sexual images, and any kind of insulating material, and, also you can not upload trade secret stuff. To learn more about Uptobox terms of service please see Uptobox Terms and Conditions.

Can I still delete files and data I have already uploaded?

Yes, you can delete the files that you have already uploaded. You can choose and remove files from the file manager.

How do I remove a file I uploaded?

 All uploaded data or files are stored on a page called “My Files”. You can click on the said page and organize, reorder, or remove your documents. The UI or user interface makes it easy to figure out what to look for so that expertise is no longer needed to find out how or where to find the deletion of your data and files.

Is it okay to hotlink the stuff I uploaded?

No, hotlinking is banned from Uptobox. You can not use the link of a file on the web page and then display it on another website. Hotlinking is the act of stealing someone or bandwidth of a website by directly linking to the features of their web page, for example, photos or videos.


Based on our studies, reviews, and compilation of user recommendations, we are happy to say that Uptobox is highly valued by many people. The simplicity of their premium cases allows them to give the greatest help a customer service can show. This file hosting service can engage big people in the market because they also give great and useful innovations that users really need.

Uptobox Premium Accounts is for people who want to have proper storage and manage every single file. It is for everyone, especially for those who are always busy and do not have time to get all their papers and documents. Uptobox is for those who just wanted to have online storage that can keep their private data, documents, files, and anything they wanted. Uptobox is made for someone who needs safe and protected storage for their data. That is the goal of this platform. 

In general, we can say that Uptobox is a reliable file hosting service. They can give as good as or better than others, and also they are budget-friendly file hosting services. You will really get what you pay for because of the huge storage and other features that Uptobox will offer you. With a simple and smooth interface of the Uptobox dashboard, everybody will know Uptobox without the serious task involved. With the help of the Uptobox team, users can be assisted by a knowledgeable and expert team to ensure that they will have everything they deserve from Uptobox. Their crew is committed and dedicated to their work and they are working hard so that you can experience a great service. They are also working so that they can serve everyone well. They want to develop a safer way of sharing your documents and saving your important files. Users can be ensured and guaranteed that if ever they purchase a Uptobox premium account they will get what they deserve and they will have everything available on them and it depends on the days of account usage.

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